Stager Silver Solids
pure silver analog and
digital interconnect cables

 Cost per stereo pair, two conductor unshielded
Canare F-10 RCA connectors

0.5  meter / 20  inches     $ 100.00
0.75 meter / 30  inches     $ 125.00
1.0  meter / 40  inches     $ 150.00
1.5  meter / 59  inches     $ 205.00
2.0  meter / 79  inches     $ 245.00

 Cost per stereo pair, three conductor unshielded
Neutrik silver pin XLR connectors

0.5  meter / 20  inches      $ 130.00
0.75 meter / 30  inches      $ 170.00
1.0  meter / 40  inches      $ 210.00
1.5  meter / 59  inches      $ 270.00
2.0  meter / 79  inches      $ 350.00

Custom shop:
Other lengths can be made to order.
RCA unbalanced cables:  $150 for the first meter plus  $95 for each additional meter
XLR balanced cables:   $210 for the first meter plus   $140 for each additional meter
Single lengths are available for use as digital interconnects at half the price of a stereo pair
Also, cables with other connectors such as phone, mini, BNC, DIN, mini-XLR.
Speaker cables can be made to order using Ethernet cable or pure silver.
Please call or email regarding your special needs.

To Order:
Make your selection, then click on [GO TO CHECKOUT] to use your
credit card and make an instant, secure payment through PayPal.
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     length and termination

Cables are sent at no additional charge via USPS First class mail inside the USA.

International orders
At Paypal checkout you can choose:
First class Parcel Post: $14.00, tracked but not insured - or
International Priority Mail: $33.00, insured up to up to $200.
Either one takes about 10 days to two weeks to arrive.
For First Class Mail orders totaling more than $400 these rates do not apply -
Please email for exact mailing cost to your address, or split the order into two less than $400 amounts.
for Priority Mail the limit is $5000.00

For other delivery options please call 1-212-595-4065 or send an E-mail for postage & handling costs.
if you prefer to use another form of payment, please E-mail

Stager Silver Solids pure silver interconnect cables are unconditionally guaranteed for 30 days from the time you receive them.
If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied I will send you a full and prompt refund.

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Would you like more information or do you have any comments, suggestions?
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Your email address and any other contact information will never be sold or otherwise provided to any other parties for any reason.