Marc Stagerís Music   (320 kb/s MP3 files)

All uncredited titles are my own compositions, protected by copyright

Will it be Today  



Hot Willow  

Living in the Past  

Satin Dreams   

Long Blue   

Daytime Dreams and Nightmares
   (of a Latent early Riser)   


Give Me One Good Reason to Love You  


She's Leaving Home (Lennon-McCartney)  

Searchin’(Carl Friberg)  

Song for Old Lovers (J. Brel)  

If You Could Read My Mind (G. Lightfoot)  

Superstar (B. Bramlett, D. Bramlett, L.Russell) 

Streets of London (Ralph McTell)  

Lonesome Town (B. Knight)  

More I Cannot Wish You (Frank Loesser)  

In the mid-70's I was half of the duo "Marc and Marty"
I recently found some original tapes and updated and mixed them
You can listen to them