Rental equipment and rates

We carry a wide array of sound equipment to accommodate a small group of people at a meeting or lecture to full blown systems as used for symphonic events out of doors.

For speech amplification for a medium size group, 50 to 150 people, one pair of Ramsa WSA-200 speakers on stands powered by a Hafler P-3000 amplifier, and a Shure Beta 58 microphone, and small JBL mixer costs $300 plus delivery, set-up, and pick up. Where and what time you need the equipment, and how late the pick-up time, will determine the additional cost. For a daytime job in midtown Manhattan, delivery, set-up, and pick up will be $200 making the total $500.00. If you need someone to run the system, the time is billed in four hour blocks at $250 per block. Wireless microphones are an additional $100 per mic - this is for professional dual diversity UHF mics by Audio Technica, not cheap unreliable toys. The cost of a podium is also extra, depending on how large or elaborate you want it to be. One client prefers to use a Plexiglas's podium which I have to sub-rent from another vendor.

I often get calls from DJ's who need amplification for their gigs. They bring their CD players or turntables, or turntables and computers with a Serato mixer, and need the back end, ie., the amps and speakers. This depends entirely on the size of the room and how loud they want the music. For a medium size restaurant for a private party, a pair of JBL TR-125's on stands and a Carver PM 2.0 1000 watt amplifier did the job nicely. With delivery, set-up, and pick up (I don't just rent out equipment like Blockbuster rents DVDs), the total is $450.00. By the way, I always prefer to have the speakers and amplifiers separate. May be a little less convenient but the sound is vastly superior.

If you need an LCD projector, we have those too, ranging from $150 to well over $500 depending on how bright they need to be. Also screens, from $75 and up - way up for large frame screens which need two people to assemble. You probably will need sound as well, unless you are doing a Powerpoint presentation.

For live music, systems can range from around $400.00 to over $3000.00. How powerful, how many mics, how elaborate the monitor system, what effects are needed, how long and how late will the show(s) go? A good first step is to have an accurate map of where the instruments, amps, and performers occupy the stage, where the monitors are to be placed, and how they are to be assigned. If there are any preferred mics (wireless?) or effects units, that's good to know. Also how early can we load in, when is the sound check, etc. Often I get riders with outrageous demands geared for an arena event and the road manger is nowhere to be found, and the person I have to deal with is beyond clueless. Simple - have all the information ready and organized, and know what you're doing, and everything will go smoothly.

Please call or email with your specific request and I will email you a firm quote the same day.
I need to know when and where the event will take place, what time the equipment is needed there in order to allow sufficient time to set up and, if necessary, sound check, and how late the event will go. Sometimes we have to go back the following day if the venue closes after the event is over and there is not enough time to strike the equipment.

We are flexible when it come to prices, especially for a worthy cause, and offer not only the best sounding equipment you are likely to find, but prices which are surprisingly low.