Stager Silver Solids

pure silver analog and digital interconnect cables

“Ask the Man Who Owns One”
Packard Motor Car Company

I’ve received many positive words from my customers,
and quite a few referrals and repeat orders.
Here is a brief sampling of some comments.
The most recent are at the bottom:

... So, after installing the Silver Solids, I put on a CD at a volume that you could talk over, but with a raised voice. My wife was working in the kitchen. For the first time in our 25 years of marriage, she suddenlystopped what she was doing and came into the living room, sat down and listened intently to the entire CD. Now this might have happened insomebody else’s house, but not ever in mine. During her “listen” she didn’t once ask me to turn it down. She did repeatedly remark how great our system sounded and wanted to know what was different. All I had done was change the interconnect to Stager Silver Solid (from 2-meter Interlink Reference 2 and 1-meter PBJ). You could have knocked me over with a feather.
Russell Shipp


Let me put it this way. I have NHT 3.3’s which some considered bright. My electrons are solid state. I had Kimber PBJ, because I like detail. The silver wire took out all the glare but kept the detail. I found the cable very neutral. The cable is not bright to my ears. The price makes them a steal. I love these cables. They are killer. I’ve been trying all types of cables and this is the best so far. In fact I have just sold my AQ Emerald.
Don West,  Santa Clara, California


I received the silver interconnects this afternoon. WOW!!! I am quite impressed the improvement. I have spent the last 4 months experimenting with interconnects/cables and changing tubes to get rid of the “darkness” on my system. I was just about to sell my amplifier and get back into solid state. Your interconnects have changed my mind. They didn’t lift a veil, they lifted a blanket.
Tom Pinder,  Novato CA.
(Tom ordered two more cables a week later)


My equipment is good, but not Audiophile; NAD, Magnum Dynalabs, Denon, JBL. What it is, is a very crisp and monitor like sound. The Stager Silvers were ordered with a bit of trepidation, as I am using several pairs of $200.00 Ea. Wireworld Reference interconnects.
After a bit of research I understood the concept behind silver & its thinner pure silver strands. Until I arrived home I was still skeptical that the full clear bass, ungarbled mids & clean cymbal-like highs would be achievable on my hefty JBL L300’s. Not for long - My SACD Player never sounded this good & the analog tuner sang on a higher plane. I left the volume controls set from a previous night and with your Silvers’ delivery it was necessary to ratchet down the gain to listen to a richer presentation. I should receive the second order from you today and if you publish this please wait until eBay sells my Wireworlds.
Arthur Nelson, Portland Oregon


I have had a lot of fun in past two days comparing different cables. Let me say this, there is only one interconnect among a dozen or so that I have tried so far sounding better than your cable (a little more openness). It is from Straightwire and costs $1000. A local dealer is going to loan me a pair of Tara Lab’s RSC interconnect for the coming weekend. That will be an interesting comparison.
X. Liang,  San Diego, California
(A friend of Dr. Liang sent me an order for Silver Solids a few days later)


I received your 4m Silver Audio cables for my Jeff Rowland Pre-amp and Audio Note SE amps about two weeks ago. It has been greatly improved the sound stage and reduced the noise to ZERO when I change the volume control of Pre-amp. It’s a great Audio Cable, much much better than my previous expensive cables.
Sam Ohashi,  Coppell, Texas


I truly believe that silver is the way to go. I read elsewhere about copper this and copper that but silver, if one can afford, it is the best and your products certainly make them much more affordable.

 I immediately heard the benefit of the new cables in my system and am continuing to run them in. Even my wife, who casually listens to music, immediately heard the difference with your cables. You can certainly count me in as a very satisfied customer.
Many thanks,
Vince Luk,  Hong Kong


This was a first: Eric bought a 2 meter  pair for his Nissan Kingcab pickup truck. I  told him he would get a prompt refund if he encountered any problems with ignition noise. I wasn’t too sure, myself, how well they would work being that the Silver Solids are not shielded ... ,

I just wanted to tell you, that silver cable interconnects are awesome in my truck. The voice separation is so smooth and natural. It’s just amazing even brand new with no break in. I drive at least 2 hours everyday for work and no engine noise, very nice.
Thank you for a great deal, great service, and awesome cables.
Eric Schaffer,  Lehighton, PA


These are the best cables I have had in my system. They are extremely natural, smooth and accurate with lots of detail to boot. It seems to me that most cables seem to add something to catch people’s attention. Whereas these catch your attention due to the fact that they do not appear to be adding anything extra. I have found piano and violin to sound especially good.
Michael Norman,  Whitby, Ontario,  Canada


I’ve completed a month of critical and not so critical listening and want to let you know that I’m hugely satisfied with your silver interconnx cables in my system.

I expected some gain in clarity, which there was for sure; but astonishingly the sound improved to another level (the paradigm shift so sought by listeners!)

I’m enjoying how very revealing, natural and how much more “musical" reproduced music now is in my system. Without exception all instruments (natural and electronic) sound so “right and true.” But voice/vocal reproduction was the revelation - every detail, nuance and emotion of the vocalist/s - comes through time and again - truly stunning.

Thanks for a wonderful, great product; exceptional service and not forgetting the clincher - unbeatable sound quality at great value for money.

cheers for now
Ian Macara,  Invercargill, New Zealand  
home of 
“The World’s Fastest Indian”


Hi Marc,
The cables arrived a few days ago. I have been listening to my stereo ever since.
I sent Michael Norman an e-mail. Here it is:
  Hi Michael,
  Thanks again for the recommendation on the cables.
  Even the slightest background noise is now very clear. The music has
  more “life”, or “breath” to it. I can hear cymbals echoing off the
  walls in the recording studio! Without a doubt. The cost of the cables
  has to be the most dramatic change in my system dollar for dollar.
  Thanks, Dan
I will be adding an another amp to my system soon.
Once it arrives and I place my amp, you will see another order for a longer set of your cables.
Thank you,
Dan Pospolita,  New Brunswick, Canada


I cannot express myself in words how much I have enjoyed my music. The cables are just excellent and kudos to you for making such excellent cable at such low cost. You are bringing the high end cables at such low cost and as such encouraging the hobby to many who would shy away from it due to the high costs one has to pay to get such excellent sound. My friend too is very happy with his cable, in fact two of his friends are coming over to his place for an audition.
My search for high end cable is over. I do not have to look for cables that cost me an arm and a leg.
Santan Fernandes,  Dubai, UAR


I’ve had your cables between my Cary SLP-05 and 2 power amps, Parasound JC-1 and Consonance Cyber 800 for a few days now. Yes you’re right, your cables do not require break-in which is a pleasant surprise. As for the sound, I’m having difficulties describing because it doesn’t have any. I’ve been in this hobby more than 30 years with lots of cables with lots of different characters but yours is flat out neutral. With a balanced system this is a great cable that draws attention to the music rather than what the equipment is doing. To be able to do it at your asking price is a great bonus. I suppose if you want bragging rights get the expensive cables but for music I’ll stick to yours.
Shaikh Yahaya,  Selangor, Malaysia


The cable really makes a difference. I noticed an immediate improvement in bass as it sounds a bit deeper and sharper. The higher range is also better as I can clearly hear background chimes and triangles in certain cd’s. I will certainly be ordering at least 1 more set soon.
Rudy Concepcion,  Daly City, California


As you mentioned, I, too, d[idn’t expect a huge improvement given the bi-amped system. the audio has to pass through at least one other cable] I put them [balanced 1 meter pair] between my cdp [Opera Droplet] and the pre-amp [Stereo Knight Enigma Magnetic] as I thought that would show up the differences easier and the result is ASTOUNDING! My best previous result was using a single-ended VanDenHull Orchid, and your solids just blew them away.
More authority; tighter bottom end; more open and;spacious sound stage, better localization of instruments;and the killer- and this was the jaw-dropper- the vocal on Sarah McLaughlin’s ’Answer’ was so pure and accurate, I was shocked.
This system, with valves in the CD player, pre-amp, and power amps combined with 75” ribbons can provide excellent imaging and point-source vocals but your interconnects puts the system in another league!

So, to say I am happy with your cables is a huge understatement. Thank you!
Now rustling up some more cash for pre to xover....
So, Thanks again, Marc - another happy customer [ecstatic, actually]
Ivan Shaw,  Queensland, Australia

Two months later, after Ivan ordered an unbalanced one meter pair, he sent me this email:

... So thanks for your wonderful work yet again; You’re the CABLEMEISTER!! They’re sounding great already! See you soon for the next set [same as these for x-over to low power amp] Then later an AES digital; I’m using a PureNote Alluvion at the moment, but I reckon yours will be better.
Cheers and best wishes, Ivan


I’ve had the cables for a week, they certainly have the wow factor. Definitely worth every penny. I road tested them with a lot of Hendrix’s live stuff, John Fogerty’s eye of the zombie... plus some live Doors. With the volume set on one, it’s perfect. Turn the knob to one & a half... it becomes a religious experience.
I’ll buy a half meter pair from you at a later stage
Many thanks,
Greg “Jacko” Jackson,  Brisbane, Australia

...and two weeks later - this email:

Hi Marc,
These cables deliver a massive sound, I’m still being amazed.
I would like to order another 1 meter pair RCA’s. 
Thanks, Greg.


A couple of months ago, when you sent me my first pair of of your interconnects, you asked me to let you know how I liked them.  Well, I just placed an order for another 0.5 meter pair and I guess that fact pretty much cuts to the chase about my assessment of them.

More particularly, while I expected them to be detailed and extended in the treble, I was surprised by how smooth and non-fatiguing they are from the treble all the way through the bass.  As at least one reviewer has commented, they make the greatest difference when connected to a source device.  However, as soon as I receive my second pair I will find out how well they work in between my preamp and amp with the first pair still connected between the preamp and CD player.

I had experimented with using a pair of Nordost Solar Wind interconnects in the preamp to amp connection but, ironically, I think the upstream Stager Silver Solid’s treble extension allowed the downstream Solar Wind wires to extend its somewhat edgy treble character further up the frequency spectrum. In other words, the old observation that an improvement in one component may end up highlighting something inferior farther down the chain.

In any event, I am looking forward to using a second pair of your really fine interconnects.

David Dye,  Santa Fe, New Mexico


The [one meter] set I have are on the phono stage - the imaging and details are superb - these cables really show you how good the other components are (or not:-)
They are my new reference. Now if I can just get the rest of the system to perform as well as the cables.

Stephen Reeve,  Ontario, Canada

Mr. Reeve sent me this comment in an email when he ordered a second pair of interconnects. He also posted some thoughts about Stager Silver Solids on the

Audiogon Cables Forum 


Ned Wolfe asked me how much time it takes for my cables to “break in”. I answered: “I think this thing about ‘breaking in’ an interconnect cable is largely a myth, although some users have said that they do become a little sweeter after a day or two. Bottom line: ANY cable that is not up to snuff right away is not going to improve significantly, if at all, regardless of how long it is in the system. That’s wishful thinking (marketing?) by cable makers who don’t make a very good cable.”
A few days after he received two pairs of Stager Silver Solids balanced cables Mr. Wolfe sent me this email:

After much critical listening and comparing, your cables make my Analysis Plus Solo Crystal sound like wet blankets. I auditioned them in my friend’s system and they bettered his Graham Slee’s in many ways.

A week later he emailed:

You can add this, if you wish, to my review: “These interconnects are also imaging champs, after A/B comparison with other cables. They continue to impress me, and they do sweeten up after burn-in.”
Ned Wolfe,  Porter Ranch, California


I would just like to say how impressed I am with the your Silver Solid interconnects. They have transformed the sound of my system, I am hearing everything much clearer and there is also much more bass, which surprised me as I had not expected it. The soundstage is wider, deeper and taller. I couldn’t stop listening when I got them hooked up, I listened for hours without fatigue! These are the first silver interconnects I have tried and with the spectacular performance these have given I don’t think I need look any further. I will be ordering more to complete my system.

Kind Regards
Tom Gray,  Shetland Islands, Scotland


Hi Marc, just got my cables a few days ago, (Pony Express would have taken just as long; part of the delay a consequence of the month-long strike in our Postal Service [during August 2013] ), and decided to wait until they had at least a 50 hour burn-in.

First impressions: burn-in definitely smooths the sound, particularly in the upper high range, especially noticeable on SACD with lots of metal instruments (Living Stereo “The Reiner Sound”, for example.) A definite improvement in instrument placement, particularly fore and aft, with increased separation. Finally a greater clarity (transparency, or whatever you want to call it), the main reason I decided to try your IC. The improvement is obvious after a few minutes of listening. There is also a sharper bass line in jazz records, probably part of the aforementioned clarity. Definitely, an excellent choice, and you can count me as a very satisfied customer.

By the way, I should point out that, due to the distances involved and long delay in delivery, your 30-day trial period was not an option, so choosing your Stager Silver IC from a quite ample offering was a sort of gamble. Your straightforward presentation and reasoning behind your products (IC cables, not jewelry, at sane prices) tipped the balance in favor of the Stager IC and I must say the gamble certainly paid off handsomely. Your cables are definitely everything you claim, and then some, and you are definitely to be congratulated on your fine product.

As to Mr. Carrasco’s concern that the cables would arrive too late to qualify for the 30 day satisfaction guarantee, I informed him that they are covered from the time they arrive, not when they are mailed. I wasn’t clear about that on the website so I amended the information about the 30 day guarantee.

When I asked if he would permit me to use his comments on this page he replied as follows:

I only wish more people would know how great a value Stager cables represent, so you may certainly use any of my previous statements in any way you see fit. By the way, I should mention that the Stager IC were compared to (and replaced) an excellent pair of Audio Art IC 3 SE Ultimate RCA cables currently selling for almost three times the price of the Stagers. As I said...excellent value!!

Best regards,
Luis Carrasco,  Santiago, Chile


Hi Marc, got the cables, must say they made a bigger difference than imagined beforehand. I had an occasional boomy-bass problem with my big Linn av5140 speakers, which now seems gone. I’m using your cable between DAC and pre-amp, still using a Van Den Hul 102mk111 between pre and power-amp (same cable I was using between DAC and pre before). Also the sound seems more 3d - acoustic music like early Leonard Cohen sound down-right scary-good right now... So no doubt I’m overall positive.

Jonas B., Fredriksberg, Denmark


Marc, I received your cables on Monday and installed all. I carefully listened to some of my favorite 5.1 channel SACD/DVD-Audio and HDCD music sources prior to changing the cables and then listened again to the same sources. WOW! The improvements were impressive. There is more detail and nuance in the sound field. I lost the slight digital harshness that I had at the high end, which became very smooth, almost silky. There is added realism and clarity to both vocals and instruments, particularly brass. I can’t stop listening to my “new” music collection.
Larry Eichner  Park City, Utah

Update: After Larry ordered another pair of Silver Solids eight weeks later he sent me this:

I replaced my Monster M1000 cable with your Silver cable on the “special” stereo output on my Esoteric player.
I can now play my 2-channel SACD/HDCD/DVD-Audio disks in 5.1 channel mode. I wasn’t expecting that big of change but your silver cable greatly improved every component of sound quality; detail and depth of the sound field. Very smooth - it eliminated the remaining digital harshness through this output. Now I really can’t stop listening to my music.

Larry Eichner


Would you please build another pair of Stager Silvers 0.75 meter length in a balanced configuration.

Your cables still amaze me with their presentation.  Extended highs, great bass with nothing emphasized and nothing missing.   In a word, PURITY.  I recently had a problem with my preamp and had to send it back to the manufacturer.  This gave me the chance to audition two well-regarded units in my system.  Your cables easily revealed their different treble presentations with one being forward and very dry.  The Ayre was more detailed and extended but lush and rich.   In my system Stager Silvers and Ayre are a great match.  The music draws me in and I can listen for hours with no fatigue.

I think the audio cable market should get back to basics.  Why not use the best conductor, the best dielectrics, and good quality connectors in a simple and elegant format like your Silver Solids?   However, the trend still seems to be overbuilt and overpriced products using over-the-top marketing in an attempt to justify the outrageous prices.
Thanks again for your minimalist approach!

Best regards,
Kevin Strobbe  Airdrie, Canada


Fun rediscovering my collections, quickly got used to non-harsh brightness, my system is incredibly punchy & rhythmic now. Very clear voices at lower levels, earth-shattering explosions in ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ and ‘Pompeii’!

When I asked Rohan if I may have his permission to quote him on this page, with or without his name, he replied, along with an order for another cable:

Yes, I’d be honoured, you can use my name with it. Testing the RCA pair with the bluray movie ‘Pompeii’, my system resolved complex dramatic sounds like the actor’s voices and clashing steel against the catastrophic background with great speed, dynamics and definition, the overly-warm, muffled, grainy sound of solid copper or silver-plated cables was gone, replaced with agile bass, even mids and sparkling highs to compliment my solid silver speaker cables, allowing my equipment to sound natural, musical and lightening-fast. I can’t wait to try them with my new tube power amp when it arrives.

Best Regards,
Rohan Wittmer   Auckland, New Zealand


Hey Marc...
received the interconnects a few days after you mailed them in this small little package.
I wasn’t a believer in audio cables, never heard any difference. I had purchased from e-bay silver cables and couldn’t hear any difference with those, but enjoying playing with sound, I stumbled onto your site. So I connected these from preamp to power amp and for a test, fired up Gregory Porter, Jazz Vocalist.
At first my ears couldn’t tell, upon further listening my ears became Astonished! With the volume on a one, there was more detail, musicality, shimmery cymbals, cleaner bass, a new vitality which became apparent! Using average equipment: Denon 2200 PA, Carver C11 Pre, BBE sonic Maximizer (another gem) and a Klipsh designed speaker system using Electro-voice HORNS I’ve had for 40 years! Crystal Clear Neutral Sound, No Harshness whatsoever!
I am a believer in audio interconnects now thanks to you! I’ll order the 20” interconnects soon for Pre to CD player to complete the signal path. Great things do come in small packages!!!!

Paul Baranik   San Diego,CA
PS... You can add another review to your customer satisfaction comments!
I’m Stoked! Thank You Marc!!!


Mark asked me to make him a special order (single) digital cable, Canare RCA to BNC coaxial connnector.

The cable arrived at noon today. I had it running for 2 hours at low levels while I had lunch before I did any critical listening. My present digital cable is the HGA Veritus, also silver and similarly priced.

My short but conclusive analysis:
I tested the cables with 2 discs, Jesse Cook’s Frontiers and Kelly Sweet’s Ashes of My Paradise.
Jesse Cook’s guitar sounded distant initially, but I heard a wider and deeper soundstage. Switching the cables back and forth concluded my observations.
The Solid Stager gave my system a deeper, wider and more transparent soundstage. Detail had improved tremendously. Kelly Sweet was next. Vocals had more air and again, the detail in the music was clearly evident. Bass improved. It was tighter and deeper.
My system is no super high end but enough for me to reach my level of audio nirvana.
The Solid Stager has brought it to a higher level.
I’d like to thank you for making a product that truly improved my system, and is priced very competitively.

Marantz SA 7003 (Transport)
Eastern Electric Minimax DAC
Quicksilver Linestage Preamp
Quicksilver Mid Monos
Monitor Audio GS10
Cables- Kimber KCAG, Quicksilver Silver Interconnects.
Tara Labs Master Gen2/Harmonic Technology speaker cables.
Signal Cable/ Pangea Power cords.
Furman Line Conditioners

Mark Joseph,   Mountain Home AFB. Idaho


(Upper case in original text)





TERRY,   Winnipeg, Canada


The sound now is very very clean. I feel that the cables bring out the exact nature of each and every component in my system. I can tell exactly the strength of my speakers and how much the Pre and Power amp are capable of. The phono pre is amazing (Gold Note PH-11) and has helped me judge your cables. I feel like listening to music again and again. It’s like i can’t wait to get back home and play something. Just by changing your cables I feel that I have invested in a new amp or speakers or something.

Trust me Marc, it’s magic.. Everything that bothered me before has almost disappeared! Maybe there was some listening fatigue due to the earlier cables, so whenever i played anything i used to finish my listening in about 2 hours and that’s it. Now i want to play again in a few hours. Beautiful light and lovely HF’s, smooth mids that bring out the details in the person’s voice as if he or she had stepped closer to the mic. Tight bass, detailed, there are some bass chords on Clapton’s “Double Trouble” that I don’t think I had heard before. I can increase the volume and still it does not bother me. Many records seem like a live real performance.

In the past i have tried many cables, some given to me to try by the audio dealer, some DIY’s that are sold at a premium here, some borrowed from a friend to compare, but nothing was good. In fact, i have just unplugged some cables in 5 minutes cause they were not up to it. Buying from you was a risk, but reading about your silver cables and interacting with you on email and speaking to you i thought its a risk that could work. I did get greedy and order a lot more in the first go but now i know it’s worth it. Your unshielded cables work perfectly well. They are touching and crossing paths with all power chords but there is no audible hum or interference. ... Whatever you are doing Marc, its wonderful at a price that one can afford, these cables are way way ahead of many cables. Will be ordering more stuff from you soon in the future.

Thanks and Regards,
Shekhar,   Mumbai, India


I’ve been a fan of Stager Silver Solids interconnects for over 15 years. I’ve done side-by-side listening comparisons against similarly AND higher-priced Kimber and Audioquest cables and, to my ear, there is no contest. The Stager cables provide far more clarity and detail. And the customer service from Stager is incredible. Marc communicates directly with you if you have questions or concerns. One of my older sets of [Stager] cables recently developed a short and Marc offered to replace or repair it without hesitation after 15 years. Honestly, I don’t know a vendor in any market that would do that.
Astonishingly good, reasonably priced cables with astonishingly good service.

Thanks, Marc
Nathan Vogt,  Minneapolis,  MN, USA


I have a pretty impressive vinyl set up, Koetsu Signature Red cartridge {cost me $AU 2300.00 to get completely rebuilt by Koetsu in Japan} It’s on a Koetsu arm and this goes through a Dynavector P75 Mk 11 latest version phono pre and this goes via your cables to an Icon Stereo 60 Mk 111 tube Integrated with the Tung Sol KT150 tubes. Within half a minute the neutrality of the cables “Stood out like dogs balls” so to speak.
What goes in one end comes out the other unaltered. I haven’t heard anything like it for years, and I have had some expensive stuff. MIT with the adjustable impedance and so on. Van Den Hull etc. None of them even come close to yours. And there is no need to mention the price difference etc. So I am extremely happy.
How does the saying go__K I S S. Keep it simple stupid. (not you).
Its interesting that in the mid eighties I had a Koetsu passive step up transformer and it came with its own cables --- Solid twisted Silver. So that has to say something from a State of the art company like they were back then and still are now.

Robert,   Western Australia


Your silver interconnects arrived on Friday. I am very impressed with their sound quality. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this much of a difference versus the Silnote Morpheus I had before! Your cables have a greater treble extension (without being bright), and upper mid range is more pronounced as well. Bass is more defined and punchy as well.

Thanks for your excellent product.
Marc Rehfuss,   Alameda, California


I wanted to report on the Silver Solids digital cable. I was amazed that, despite being unshielded and not 75 ohms characteristic impedance (as required by received wisdom), the performance was outstanding. The sound was better than several conventional 75-ohm coaxes, including the very expensive Shunyata Anaconda, and the Oyaide DR-510. A sense of transparency, musical lucidity and the removal of a lot of the digital edge.

Thanks for a great product.
David M.,   Camarillo, California


Mike ordered .5 and 1.5m RCA interconnect cables and a pair of 8 ft. Cat5E speaker cables.

I received them today & installed the whole package in my tube system. I’m not kidding, I already hear a clearer, more detailed midrange & upper frequency range, along with accurate bass. A way more musically realistic sound. Separation of instruments & micro-details improved. Can’t wait for some burn in time to let everything really come together!

One more thing I want to add. Listening to many different sacd’s, I’ll try to put it the best way I can. My tube system’s sound doesn’t sound like “electronics”, it sounded great before installing the Stager Silver Solids I.C.’s. However, after installing your I.C.’s & CAT5 double run speaker cables, now it just sounds like natural music the way it was recorded. No additives or subtractions, emphasis or de-emphasis of any of the frequency ranges. I was thinking about doing major tube rolling in order to get the right “sound”, but after the cable package installation, I find it unnecessary. It’s like the prior cables were “tuning” my system in one way or another. With yours, I have the synergy I was looking for, perfect balance with my gear. People have to try these instead of wasting big money on fantasy-miracle wires-cables. Quite the positive transformation in performance, Marc, especially given the price. I’m still stunned!

later that day...

I wanted to let you know, and others if you wish, the equipment associated with my great results:

Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP tube amplifier with 8 Tung-Sol KT120 power tubes - other tubes in amp stock 12AU7 Primaluna silver series, Primaluna Dialogue Premium tube preamp with 2 1971 Brimar NOS CV4003’s in the front 2 slots - other tubes in preamp stock Primaluna 12AU7 silver series, including 2 stock PL 5AR4 rectifier tubes, Marantz SA8005 SACD player, Pangea audio AC9MK II power cord on amp, Pangea audio AC14XL power cords on preamp & sacd player. Focal Aria 926 speakers, sometimes swapped out with B&W CM6s2 speakers run full range with stock jumpers. Furman PST8D power strip. It’s not a low priced system by any means, but your I.C.’s & speaker cables have it sounding like 2-3 times Its cost. I’m still stunned!

The Silver Solid I.C.’s in conjunction with the Cat5’s just blow me away!
I’ve used AQCV8’s, Kimber12TC’s, & Laspada King Cobra 12 gauge. NONE of them gave me the very audible improvement across the board in my system that your double run Cat5’s do.
Those speaker cables are up to 5-6 times the price as yours, yet they don’t give me the clarity, mids, bass, & natural musicality of yours. The whole package I ordered from you; quality, price, performance, is just leaving me scratching my head. Really, the HUGE improvements you’re I.C.’s & speaker cables made in my system are fantastic!

It might seem like I’m exaggerating or slamming the other guys, but I’m just telling you - and others if you want to print this - what I am actually hearing. The synergy between your products is unlike anything I have ever heard in my system, for a price that is FAR MORE THAN FAIR!

An order for Silver Solids XLR I.C.’s for my Halo A21 & Halo P5 solid state gear are in the very near future. It’s just so enjoyable to listen & hear my music the way I know it should sound.
Excellent products Marc, I will highly recommend you to anyone who values great quality, performance, & price!

Thanks Again,
Mike G.,   Anoka, Minnesota


Finally have my system complete and dialed in and couldn’t be happier. Especially with your interconnects. Actually had a chance to compare your cables to examples that were considerably more expensive than yours, and to keep it short, I’ll never buy another interconnect unless its a Stager Silver.

Thanks for making such quality available at an affordable price. You can tell everyone I said so!!!
Matt Tracer,  Allen Park, Michigan


...Plugged them into my CD palyer, and they sound great right out of the box.
The bass, piano, and transient speed and decay were much superior than the Mapleshade interconnects I ran previously.
Will be buying additional pair after my vacation to connect amp to pre-amp.
Thanks for offering such great product for a reasonable price.
Dan M., Washington, DC


This is regarding a one meter-long single XLR cable, special order shielded for use as a digital interconnect.

The cable arrived last night.
It really is a truth sayer as far as detail and resolution. Very happily surprised by the change in sound... Very revealing, nice and neutral.
This has really optimized my setup of tube pre, hybrid tube tri-amp into Magnastat hybrids, with tube DAC the detail is amazing.

Thanks very much great product right out of the box.
Mike, Victoria, BC Canada


This is my second set of your cables, because I was so happy with the first ones. I wouldn't have described myself as a cable skeptic before, but I hadn't had an experience where I heard a cable comparison that yielded notable results. When I swapped in your RCA-terminated cable, connecting a Bluesound Node 2i to my integrated amp, the difference was startling and exciting. I felt myself thinking "finally!"
Thank you for making such a well-priced piece of gear that can significantly improve the sound of a system.

Will R.,  Cambridge, Massachusetts


I have been an audiophile for over 30 years and have been through cables that cost so much more; Kimber Select, Siltech, Audioquest, Monster, Moon, etc.
Your cables bested them all.
The Stager Silver Solids are great and are now the only [analogue and digital] interconnects throughout my system.

Thank you so much!
Len R.,  Wycoff, New Jersey

There have been more positive comments about Stager Silver Solids since I started selling them back in 1995 but these should be enough for now.

I invite you to call  me at 212-595-4065 or send me an email at  if there is any way I can be of assistance.

Thanks for stopping by,
Marc Stager

Updated  December 18, 2022